A Spirited Journey

What is ‘A Spirited Journey’?

In June 2007 a project begun to identify all of the women who had represented Victoria at a senior level from the commencement of the first ‘official’ Interstate Tournament in March 1931 in Sydney through to today.

To date, through the research so far completed, 243 players (as of 25/09/2019) have been identified as having achieved this. Whilst this figure appears to be complete an ongoing review process is currently being undertaken which may or may not change this number.

The eligibility for inclusion in the list is that the player must have participated in at least one First Class match. First Class matches include those played as part of the official Interstate tournament and also those versus International First XI Teams. Matches versus Australia and Twenty20 games do not count as First Class matches.

What is the aim of ‘A Spirited Journey’?

The aim is to publish the information gathered, including first hand accounts of player experiences, from as many of the players as can be achieved, to provide a reference for past and future generations on the proud history of Victorian women’s representative cricket.

Up until now there has been no official documenting of these achievements at a State level and little to no recognition outside of the inner sanctum of the sport itself. The project will enable an official record to be created that will be a testament to the highs and lows experienced over the period from the commencement of the ‘official’ Interstate Tournament in March 1931 through to today.

What is it hoped will happen with the information found?

First and foremost, the information can be used towards overdue official recognition of the player’s services to Cricket Victoria.

The allocation of playing numbers, as is the case with other State Cricket Associations and Cricket Australia, could proceed with all players, past, present and future now included with the availability of accurate information.

Obviously, if you are reading about this information via the WCCC website then another of our wishes has been completed by having the information available to as many people as possible via the internet.

And finally, we are hoping that, with the information already gathered and that yet to be discovered, ‘A Spirited Journey’ will be able to be published in book form thereby creating a permanent record of the women who have been making untold sacrifices for more than 75 years to represent their State.

And now… The List!

As stated earlier we have identified 245 players (as of 19/08/2020) who have achieved the honour of representing Victoria at senior State level from 1931 through to the recent 2020/21 WNCL season.

Click Here to view the list of players who make up ‘A Spirited Journey’ and some of the information we have discovered.

How can you help make ‘A Spirited Journey’ a reality?

Contact Details
At present we have completed a first mailout to as many players on the list as we had contact details for. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a complete list.

If you are either: (a) on the list and have not yet been contacted about the project; or, (b) know of someone on the list that we have not yet contacted and have contact details for; or, (c) have information regarding someone on the list who we may not be able to contact for whatever reason we are asking if you would make contact with us via the details below.

Accuracy of Information
As you look through the list we ask that if you notice any inaccuracies with the information displayed (including the spelling of names) would you please advise us via the details below.

Additional Information
As with any research we are constantly looking for additional information so that the picture we are attempting to paint is as complete as possible. If you or someone you know has any information that you think will be beneficial to the project we would love to hear from you.

Missing Team Photos
Part of our search has included trying to track down as many of the team photos as possible as we would like to include these in the book we are hoping to have published. Click here to view a list of missing years. 

A special request to the players on ‘The List’

'A Spirited Journey’ would not have been possible without you, the player. It is a well overdue celebration of what you have been able to achieve through hard work and sacrifice.

What we are now asking of you is to share your story with the rest of ‘us’. The inclusion of the recollections from as many of you as possible will give ‘A Spirited Journey’ the voice we are looking for. Your voice.

We are hoping that you will be willing to give the reader a first hand view of how the sport has changed over the years through the eyes of those with the most intimate knowledge of all, the player.

Your contribution could range from personal experiences to observations of the game and anywhere in between. It is up to you as this is your history.

If you would like further information on how you can contribute please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Does the journey ever end?

The answer to this question is easy. No!

There will be many more women who will make the ultimate sacrifices to play cricket for Victoria and their stories will be no less relevant than those that have gone before them.

‘A Spirited Journey’ is just the story so far.

Contact Details