Pioneers History



Organised 1905 Disbanded 1916 Re-organised Socially 1930

2018 will be the 88th Reunion luncheon of the “Pioneers“.



Women's cricket was first played in Australia (Victoria) in 1874 at Bendigo and the Victorian Ladies Cricket Association was formed in 1904 with twenty-one teams.

Due to World War I the association was disbanded in 1916 and re-formed socially in 1930 as “The Pioneers,” (Pioneer Victorian Ladies Cricket Association.

The formation of the Women's Cricket Association in England was in 1926, and 1931 was the Foundation Year of the Australian Women's Cricket Council, which changed its name to Women's Cricket Australia and now comes under the banner of Cricket Australia.

Membership of The Pioneers is open to any past or current female player, regardless of the level of cricket they have played, or in which state or country they have played. The only criterion for membership is that 'they have played women's cricket'. Social membership is available to those who have not played women’s cricket. 


We have a strong membership of past and present players and our aim is to grow our membership by encouraging all female cricketers to join our unique Association. Family and friends are welcome at our annual luncheon reunion and to join us at our match outings, fondly known as Banner Days.

The Pioneers have implemented a number of awards which are presented to recipients, along with a Certificate and Badge at the annual luncheon. These awards include a maiden century; maiden hat trick; and maiden wicket-keeping (5) dismissals.)

They are presented once only, irrespective of how many centuries, hat tricks, or 5 wicket-keeping dismissals a player makes during their playing career.  Nominations are due at the end of each cricket season.


Maiden Award forms can be accessed here

The “Pioneer Award for Outstanding Services to Women’s Cricket”
was introduced in 2012 and is presented at the Cricket Victoria WCCC Presentation Night. Recipients include Rita Catmull, Sylvia Faram, Jill Crowther, Marian Goring, Anne Gordon and Henry Spiers.


Nominations are due at the end of each season.


Pioneer Award form can be accessed here

All Nominations must be signed, seconded and lodged by the dates indicated on the forms.


Cathy McLeod, President

Pioneer Victorian Women’s Cricket Association Inc. A0060989S

14 Mooltan Street TRAVANCORE VIC. 3032.

Mobile: 0412 352 338   Email:




*Mary Armstrong, *Irene Grant, *Dorothy Purchase, *Joyce Bath, *Iris Beasley, *Phyllis Graf, * Norma Murray, *Dorothy Padley, *Marie Reid, *Edna (Farrow) Stephens, *Gwen Wilson; Valma Beasley, Marian Goring, Lorraine Taylor, Cathy McLeod, Roslyn Hyde, Barbara Plenty. (*Denotes Deceased)